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Clinton, William Jefferson (‘Bill’)

42nd US President 1993–2001

Born William Jefferson Blythe at Hope, Arkansas, after his father died he changed his name to that of his later stepfather. He rose from poor beginnings to become a student of international relations at Georgetown University, a Rhodes Scholar, a Yale law student, and a law professor.

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Inside the Clinton White House

Russell L. Riley

Inside the Clinton White House grants readers unprecedented access to the sensitive Oval Office banter that changed the course of history. Bringing together material from 400 hours of candid conversations with over sixty individuals, respected oral historian Russell L. Riley weaves this illuminating testimony with important contextual information to form an irresistible narrative, taking the reader from Clinton's first potential White House bid in 1988 to the final days of his remarkable and controversial career. Extended sections of the book are devoted to important domestic and foreign policy campaigns, the complicated politics of the President's two terms and impeachment, and portraits of important personalities in the administration, including Vice President Al Gore and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. These forthright and often surprising accounts add a layer of nuance to an iconic figure in America's recent history, as told in the words of the people who knew him best.

Inside the Clinton White House
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