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Oregon Trail

also Oregon-California Trail a route across the central United States, from Missouri to Oregon, some 2,000 miles (3,000 km) in length. It was used chiefly in the 1840s by settlers moving west.

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The Oregon Trail: An American Saga

David Dary

In this detailed and engaging account, historian David Dary recounts the full saga of the Oregon Trail's history, from its creation in the early 1800s, to its peak during the '49 Gold Rush, its rapid decline following the completion of the transcontinental railroad, and finally, its revival as a modern-day historical treasure. Using journals and letters, as well as company and expedition reports, public records and newspaper stories, Dary takes us inside the day-to-day experiences of the travelers, as they risked ruin at every step from disease, weather, and human deceit.

The Oregon Trail: An American Saga
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