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Eskimo-Aleut Languages

Inupiatun, Northwest Alaska: also called Northwest Alaska Inupiat, Inupiatun. “Eskimo” is a derogatory name sometimes used. 4,000 speakers in USA. Ethnic population: 8,000 as of 1978. Alaska, Kobuk River, Noatak River, Seward Peninsula, and Bering Strait. Dialects are Northern Malimiut Inupiatun, Southern Malimiut Inupiatun, Kobuk River Inupiatun, Coastal Inupiatun, Kotzebue Sound Inupiatun, Seward Peninsula Inupiatun, King Island Inupiatun (Bering Strait Inupiatun). As of 1990, most speakers of Seward Peninsula were over 40.

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