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Motor City Panthers

Left-wing activism has long been a problem for the city of Detroit, yet contentious politics never quite succeeded in bringing about full racial equality. The modern civil rights movement would soon give way to the Black Power movement that would turn Detroit into a hotbed of black militancy.

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Henry Ford

Vincent Curcio

Most great figures in American history reveal great contradictions, and Henry Ford is no exception. He championed his workers, offering unprecedented wages, yet crushed their attempts to organize. Virulently anti-Semitic, he never employed fewer than 3,000 Jews. An outspoken pacifist, he made millions producing war materials. He urbanized the modern world, and then tried to drag it back into a romanticized rural past he'd helped to destroy. This volume in the Lives and Legacies series explores the full impact of Ford's indisputable greatness, the deep flaws that complicate his legacy, and what he means for our own time.

Henry Ford
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