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Johnson, Lyndon B., Administration of.

President Johnson used all his grit, determination, and legislative skills to fulfill the promise of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. Moving out from under the shadow of the slain president, Johnson pushed through Congress both the Civil Rights Act of 1964—an act that outlawed segregation in public accommodations—and his $947.5 million Economic Opportunity Act, known as the War on Poverty legislation.

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OUP Books

Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President

Robert Dallek

Robert Dallek's brilliant two-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson has received an avalanche of praise. Michael Beschloss, in The Los Angeles Times, said that it "succeeds brilliantly." The New York Times called it "rock solid" and The Washington Post hailed it as "invaluable." And Sidney Blumenthal in The Boston Globe wrote that it was "dense with astonishing incidents."

Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President
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