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Gettysburg, Battle of

(1–3 July 1863)

A battle in the American Civil War. On 1 July elements of the Army of Northern Virginia under Lee and the Union Army of the Potomac under Meade came into contact west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Although early Confederate attacks were repulsed, the arrival of reinforcements forced the Union troops to retreat back through the town.

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The Gettysburg Address: Perspectives on Lincoln's Greatest Speech

Edited by Sean Conant

It is the most famous speech Lincoln ever gave, and one of the most important orations in the history of the nation. Delivered on November 19, 1863, among the freshly dug graves of the Union dead, the Gettysburg Address defined the central meaning of the Civil War and gave cause for the nation's incredible suffering. The poetic language and moral sentiment inspired listeners at the time, and have continued to resonate powerfully with groups and individuals up to the present day. What gives this speech its enduring significance? This collection of essays, from some of the best-known scholars in the field, answers that question.

The Gettysburg Address: Perspectives on Lincoln's Greatest Speech
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