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Edgar Allan Poe

Born to a gifted actress and a less talented actor, Edgar Allan Poe (b. 1809–d. 1849) was orphaned in 1811 and taken in by the Allans of Richmond. Over time, tensions with John Allan grew, culminating with young Poe’s 1826 withdrawal from the University of Virginia for incurring gambling debts and leading to his 1827 voyage to Boston.

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OUP Books

A Historical Guide to Edgar Allan Poe

Edited by J. Gerald Kennedy

This Historical Guide contains an introduction that considers the tensions between Poe's "otherworldly" settings and his historically marked representations of violence, as well as a capsule biography situating Poe in his historical context. The subsequent essays in this book cover such topics as Poe and the American Publishing Industry, Poe's Sensationalism, his relationships to gender constructions, and Poe and American Privacy. The volume also includes a bibliographic essay, a chronology of Poe's life, a bibliography, illustrations, and an index.

A Historical Guide to Edgar Allan Poe
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