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Oxford Reference

Chamizal Case

(Mexico v. United States) (1911) 11 R.I.A.A. 316. The question submitted by the Convention of 24 June 1910 (211 C.T.S. 259) for arbitration by the joint Boundary Commission, reinforced by a neutral President, was that of the ‘difference as to the international title of the Chamizal tract’, an area located between the abandoned and the new bed of the Rio Grande near El Paso, Texas. Mexico contended that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 2 February 1848 (102 C.T.S. 29) and the Gadsden Purchase Treaty of 30 December 1853 (111 C.T.S. 235) had established a fixed boundary, unaffected by later changes in the course of the river.

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